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Homeopathy is a Method That Cures Rather Than a Method That Suppresses the Symptoms

In Greek, “homeos” means “similar” and “pathos” means “disease”.  Homeopathy depends on the principle “treating the similar with the similar” (similia  similibus currentur). The symptoms of a disease are actually the changes happening in the body struggling with the disease. Conventional medicine tries to eliminate these symptoms; quits coughing, reduces fever, alleviates the pain. On the other hand, homeopathy handles the symptoms as they are, considers them as signs for the body’s defense mechanism, does not try to suppress them and supports that the disease is in another platform. For example, even if the hypertension patients use medicines for life to stabilize their blood pressure, they generally die as a result of complications such as cardiac infarct and cerebral hemorrhage. This case and other similar cases show that, eliminating the symptoms does not cure the disease, in fact, they may cause much more complications in other platforms.

Homeopathy is a Proprietary and Holistic Treatment Method

Everyone’s DNA helix is unique to himself and this helix determines the individual’s physical and psychic characteristics. In homeopathy, for each patient only one mixture (remedy) is prepared using completely natural materials (herbs, minerals, organic materials, tissue extracts..). As homeopathic remedies create symptoms particular to the disease in healthy individuals, they become the means for recovery in patients. Each remedy affects the entirety of the symptoms particular to that individual as the body and disease of each individual shows unique symptoms. Remedies make use of the energizing characteristics of the materials so that they re-obtain the harmony and balance within the body and reinforce the defense and recovery systems; in other words, they activate the “vital force” of the individual. Remedies do not have side effects as they work with the self energy of the patient and it is safe to use them for babies, pregnant women and elders.

Natural Disease – Natural Recovery

Some herbs used in Homeopathy like arnica, veratrum, lycopodium are used in Phytotherapy; some drug raw materials such as belladona and kinin are used in conventional medicine. Homeopathic medicines are prepared by using the method “potentialization” which exposes the energies of these materials. These medicines are highly diluted and are subjected to mechanical energy. Remediation process of the homeopathic medicines are similar to the diseases’ self recovery process. At first, all the symptoms of the disease are observed in the individual. For example, when “sulphur” remedy is given to an individual for asthma and psoriasis, even though his asthma does not grow, his psoriasis which is suppressed by medical drugs will grow violent. After that, in time, both his asthma and psoriasis will be cured and if he has taken sufficient dose of remedy, he will not be sick again in the same way throughout his entire lifetime. Lasting impact in homeopathy is generally provided by the usage of one dose of medicine. Homeopathy may be benefited from for all kinds of physical disturbances, serious chronic diseases and mental disorders.

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